The team at the Audi Denkwerkstatt consists of nine residents, who are the anchor and the platform for the intrapreneurship program. In our program, every six months 15 Audi intrapreneurs – colleagues from all company divisions, hierarchies and age groups – develop new digital business models related to the theme “Mobility – Beyond the Car”. The residents enable the intrapreneurs to generate, validate and implement an idea. The work of the teams is cross-functional and self-determined, with maximum focus on the customer. The teams embody agile values and use a variety of methods – from the lean start-up to design thinking. The aim is to open up new markets and customers for Audi and to establish business models independently or in cooperation. To this end, we work with internal and external partners throughout the entire development process. After passing through the program, the intrapreneurs return to their original positions in the core organization, where they act as multipliers. They stand for entrepreneurial thinking, a new collaborative culture, customer-centered work and an agile mindset.

Audi Denkwerkstatt Berlin