The permanent team of the Audi Denkwerkstatt – the residents – are the anchor and the platform for the intrapreneurship program. The residents are the nodes that link up the start-up ecosystem in Berlin. They are team facilitators, mobility experts and method coaches.

Head of Audi Denkwerkstatt: Tim Miksche

“When I joined Audi in 1998, I was thrilled by the dynamism and positive spirit to move forward. In almost 20 years of working for the brand, I have been able to work on many exciting topics: whether it was setting up new sales structures for the Asia-Pacific region, supervising marketing activities in Hollywood (for example, the film project I, Robot) or the digitalisation of business processes in the design department. After 4 years outside Audi in Tokyo, where I gained new experiences as an entrepreneur and start-up mentor, I am now looking forward to driving innovation and building new business models as head of Audi Denkwerkstatt.”


Strategy & Relations: Anna Rojan

“Ever since I submerged in my dad’s workshop as a kid, I was driven by the quest to improve people’s lives with technical solutions. Back then, I knew already – I wanted to be an engineer. Some studying years, relocations between Germany, the USA and the Netherlands and several technical deep dives from biomaterials to 3D printing later, I can call myself a material scientist and mechanical engineer. For Audi I have been working on the quest of tomorrow’s mobility – a basic human need from my perspective. So far, I had the chance to get to know our future vehicle concepts, to gain deep insights into our technical innovations, to develop digital business models, to track radical ideas and to support the cultural transformation. Audi Denkwerkstatt is the right platform for me to shape the future of mobility. As an ambassador for the values and the concept of Denkwerksatt I am embracing various perspectives and thinking outside the box as much as possible in order to work on ideas that move people.”

PR & Communications: Regina von Katte

“You can move the world with stories and conversations – this mindset has fascinated me since my childhood and has been a common thread throughout my life. Behind every idea there are stories with their own dramaturgy. Capturing these narratives and passing them on is what drives me – as a journalist, a traveler, a friend or a press spokeswoman. An idea grows when you talk about it and new insights are added from various perspectives. Especially in times of change, communication in all its facets plays a special role for me. The Denkwerkstatt is the ideal place for the dialogue about the future of mobility. Because we are all helping write the script of the future.”

Operations: Julia Fuchs

“Thanks to my apprenticeship at Audi I learned about the variety of sectors in our company, and have had some insights from legal services and human resources to the technical development. Cross-divisional work is therefore very important to me, as I also learn the importance of learning from each other and how you can profit from it. As an Operation Manager at Audi Denkwerkstatt I was able to support and encourage the cross-business unit. Through my regular contact with colleagues from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm this is a quantity I am able to promote. In March I started studying Management and Corporate Communications and I am very thankful to be able to support the Audi Denkwerkstatt once again.”

Venture Development: Moana Picaud-Lucet

“When I was studying for my degree in Communication Sciences in Paris, my first home, the thing I most enjoyed was presenting complex issues as simple and, above all, appealing concepts. Searching for answers to complex questions is also what I’ve been doing at Audi for the last few years: talking – and above all listening – to customers from different regions. The goal? To understand how Audi can create the right digital products offer in the future. I’ve brought this customer point of view with me to Berlin and to the Denkwerkstatt. As Venture Development Manager, I’m particularly looking forward to collaborating with colleagues from the widest variety of sectors with whom we’ll get great ideas on the road (or elsewhere).”

Venture Development: Martin Quitzke

“With a degree in Economics and Engineering under my belt, I worked as a management consultant for three years before joining Audi Consulting in 2014. Excel and PowerPoint, suit and tie – that’s also how my first years at Audi continued.
The three-month ‘Innovation Sprint’ in Berlin at the end of 2016 made a lasting impression on me and sparked my enthusiasm for agile development methods: designing user journeys, testing and improving simple prototypes in short cycles, making teams more effective with regular retrospectives,… it was just my thing!
Consequently, I spent the next 18 months as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach establishing the ‘agile process workshop’ format at several locations in Ingolstadt. I’ve gained a lot of practical experience in team development and workshop moderation, and I’m looking forward to actively promoting the Denkwerkstatt.”

Venture Development: Malte Schönfeld

“I’ve been enthusiastic about the design-thinking approach for a long time, and during my six years in exterior design with Audi I have already gained practical experience of the interface between tech, business and design. That I’m now focusing in the Denkwerkstatt on ideas which have nothing to do with our car core product is a new challenge for me. The absolute customer focus remains at the heart of our work as before. As Venture Development Manager, I can support my teams above all with my experience in agile methods and creativity in the area of innovation and designs. I also contribute to networking in the surrounding area, having lived in Berlin when I worked at Volkswagen’s Potsdam Design Centre.”

Research: Ningan Tang

“Enthralled from a young age to understand the very essence of ´how things work´ and a particular focus on cars, led me to pursue a degree in Automobile Engineering in the fast-pace changing China that I grew up in. From then onwards I started a career in the supplier segment, working between China and Europe, setting the grounds for my interest in developing a fitting innovation framework at any organizational level. This is a crucial trigger for me in regards to unleash the innovative potential of companies. I joined Audi China Research & Developement in 2019, which gave me the opportunity to concentrate on scouting emerging technologies across Asian markets and integrating them into Audi’s pre-development portfolios. To Audi Denkwerkstatt I contribute my passion for organizational innovation management and my learnings on Asian entrepreneurial spirit.”